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Next auction 111 will be on Sunday November 8th at 20:00

15811 lots with lists are only seen on internet.No printed catalogue.

The auction lists are now available in left frame
A complete list , lot 1-15811 without photos is seen left frame, and also parts of lists with photolinks.

If You want an e-mail when future catalogues are ready please send your e-mail address to me. All bids sent by e-mail will be confirmed with e-mail.

Nästa auktion nr 111 blir söndagen 8 november 2020 klockan 20.00.

Ingen tryckt katalog utan med listor bara på internet:

En komplett lista auk 111 , lot 1-15811 utan foton finns i vänstra ramen.
Listor på olika delar med fotolänkar finns också .

Alla bud som skickas med e-mail kommer att bekräftas med e-mail tillbaka. Vill ni ha en e-mail när katalogen eller framtida kataloger är klara på internet så skicka er e-mailadress till mig.

Vi har frimärksauktioner flera gånger om året.

We have several stampauctions every year.

Många 1000-tals objekt.
Many 1000´s lots.

We accept bids sent by e-mail. All bids sent by e-mail will be confirmed with e-mail.
send e-mail to Björn Jarlvik Filateli

This webpage started March 20th 2003. It is quickly constructed by Björn Jarlvik. I hope to improve it to future auctions.

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